Armenian association of Social Workers

AASW President
Mira Antonyan. The President
2016 March 17

Mrs. Mira Antonyan, Ph.D is a Docent at Yerevan State University, Faculty of Sociology, Department of Social Work and Social Technologies. Through her professional work Dr. Antonyan promotes/endorses the expertise of social work in Armenia. Dr. Antonyan is a specialist in the fields of child welfare and advocacy (alternative care, juvenile justice, intitutional reforms of services) as well as community education. As a specialist in social work she participates in the reforms of social policy in the country. She is currently the CEO of Fund for Armenian Relief’s “Children’s Support Center” Foundation. Since 2010, Dr. Antonyan has been a lecturer at the Bern School of Social Work in Switzerland. She is a social work trainer at YSU’s Distance Learning Laboratory, as well as at YSU’s Postgraduate Specialized Education Department. Dr. Antonyan is amongst the founders of the social work profession in Armenia. She is one of the founders of the Armenian Association of Social Workers and currently its President. She is also a full member of the Executive Board of the International Federation of Social Workers’ European branch. Dr. Antonyan is the author of over 40 guidelines, researches and scientific articles.