Armenian association of Social Workers

Advisory Board
Klaus Kuhne, Swiss ASW

Klaus Kuhne has represented both Switzerland’s Association of Social Workers and the IFSW. Most recently, Mr. Kuhne has advocated for the social work profession and its social justice goals at the United Nations in Geneva, asserting that he hopes to see a world where “social services are available for all people, not just 20% of the world’s population.”

Marie-Genevieve Mounier, ANAS FASW

Marie-Genevieve Mounier has represented the Association Nationale des Assistants de Service Social in France. She has researched and written about the diversity of current issues in social work on an international level.

Herbert Paulichin, IFSW

Specialized in the area of child protection, Austrian Herbert Paulichin has been active in international social work for over two decades. Between 1998 and 2002, Mr. Paulichin served as the European President of the IFSW Workers (Vice President of IFSW Global). He has also acted as both the Executive Director and President of the Austrian Association of Social Workers. He strongly supports and dedicates his efforts towards the strategic development of social work in Eastern European countries.

Justin Grotelueshen

Justin Grotelueschen is an American social worker, media specialist, and arts event curator currently based in Armenia and serving as an adviser to AASW. Justinreceived his Master of Social Work degree in clinical social work practice at Hunter College in New York City and is licensed as a social worker in the state of Iowa, USA. After graduating in 2012 Justin moved to the Republic of Moldova where he worked to start a new MSW program at the Free International University of Moldova; was co-founder of Project Casa Mare, an NGO working to professionalize social workers in that country; and was the in-country mental health provider for the US Peace Corps. Outside of social work Justin is the co-founder of the MEGAPOLIS Audio Festival and has served as its Managing Director since its inception in 2008. Before that time Justin was a writer, editor, and audio/video content producer, and he holds academic degrees as a Master of Science in management (2003) and a Bachelor of Science in broadcasting and agriculture (2000). He spends his free time as a media artist who makes audio and video for the Internet and for public performance. He and his wife Gina and two children live in Yerevan.