Armenian association of Social Workers

Armenian Association of Social Workers

The Armenian Association of Social Workers in Armenia is the professional representative body of social workers in Armenia with more than 200 members.  All members have a university degree in social work, social policy or social administration at the bachelor, master or doctoral level.

The Association was formed as a non-governmental, non-political and not-for-profit national organization in 2004 and has since supported its members through the profession’s many developments and changes. 

The Association has a strong and relevant voice on matters of social justice, human rights, social inclusion and issues that impact upon the quality of life of all Armenians. It advocates for the improvement of social policies and programs, which affect social work clients and social work practice, strengthening standards of social work practice through position papers and policy briefs related to professional practices.

The Association speaks directly on behalf of the interests and concerns of social workers, strengthening the professional growth and development of its members to improve policy and practice level social work in Armenia. 

AASW Vision:

The Armenian Association of Social Workers provides a strong voice for the profession of social work in Armenia, seeking a close and collaborative relationship with educational institutions, government and non-government agencies, clients and the communities.

AASW Mission:

The mission of the Armenian Association of Social Workers is to promote and regulate the social work profession in Armenia, improving the wellbeing of individuals and communities according to sound social policies, while simultaneously representing social workers, ensuring the sustainable development of the profession according to professional standards.

AASW objectives are to:

      Develop and respond to social work policy and practice issues by working with and through government and non-government agencies.

      Advocate for social policy and social services delivery responsive to the needs of social workers and clients.

      Establish, monitor and promote high ethical and practice standards.

      Promote the application of new technology to the practice of social work.

      Provide expertise to social services providers.

      Provide technical assistance in developing legal/policy papers, amendments

      Provide the voice for the profession.

      Raise the visibility of social work and enhance public esteem for the profession.