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Social Workers in Collaboration for Social Change
2018 May 08
Playing Ayl Kerp: Who is Social Worker
2018 February 05
Children's Voice Against Violence
2017 November 19

November 19 is the world day for prevention of abuse and violence against children.

On this occassion "Children for Children" Initiative held a press conference to present their views and vision about the importance of safe and non-violent environment for children.

Social Protection System Reforms from the Perspective of Non-Governmental Organizations
2017 July 28

Armenian Association of Social Workers makes a step forward towards implementation of the “Acting Together for an Accountable Social State in Armenia” project funded by the United Nations Democracy Fund.

As the project aims to create a more participatory, effective, and accountable process of policy making in Armenia the stage of town-hall meetings with citizens and round-table discussions with CSO representatives have been started.

Within the framework of the project, several meetings and discussions have already taken place in different marzes of the country.

One such event, organized in Vanadzor, can be found in a video made by Lori TV.

The video is in Armenian.

2017 July 01

On June 30, within the framework of “Stakeholders as Family Protection Actors” project “Partnership and Teaching” NGO in collaboration with “Public Consultation and Research Center” NGO has been conducted kick-of meetings in Goris and Sisian communities.

The kick-off meetings, which have been attended by members of state and non-state organizations, have an objective to establish a common purpose towards project goals and implementation mechanisms.

“Stakeholders as Family Protection Actors” project aims to promote the implementation of reformations in social protection sector in Sisian and Goris communities of Syunik marz by introducing collaborative model of family support and by raising the role of CSOs in these processes. 

 The Project is being conducted through the support of Armenian Association of Social Workers in the frame of “Collaboration for Family Preservation in Armenian Regions” Sub-Grant Project. The Sub-Grant Project is a part of EU, ADC and Hilfswerk Austria International funded “Social Workers in Collaboration for Social Change in Eastern Neighbourhood Countries” Project.

Please, find more information about Kick-off meetings in the Video. The video is in Armenian.




Together we can reach and protect more children
2017 June 27

This year Child Helpline International celebrates the 10th anniversary of the European directive reserving the number 116111 to child helplines in Europe.

The number 116111 is specifically for children who seek assistance and need someone to talk to. The service helps children in need of care and protection and links them to the appropriate services and resources; it provides children with an opportunity to express their concerns and talk about issues directly affecting them.

Child helplines throughout Europe share the same mission – to hear all the voices at the other end of the phone and ease their worries.

On the 10th anniversary of the Child Support Hotline was launched a new video called “One Voice, One Number”. This shows the positive impact that child helplines have on children's lives by actively listening to them, providing unbiased support and empowering them to fulfill their own potential, every day, everywhere.


16.12.2016 Առավոտ լուսո. մաս II
«Azatutyun» TV- News, 22 December, 2016
2016 December 23
Practical Resources for Case Management in Armenia
2016 November 29

This educational material has been developed by UNICEF and the Harmonic Society Armenian Association of Social Workers in 2015. It is intended for case managers, social workers and other service practitioners dealing with child and family cases. This mini-course is aimed at building the capacity of case managers and social workers in the practical aspects of their work. One family case of multiple deprivations is presented to walk viewers step by step through the stages of case management.

Dear social workers, we congratulate all the professional day.
2016 November 29