Armenian association of Social Workers

Local partnership
Armenia’s Child Protection Network

AASW is a member of the Armenia's Child Protection Network. 

Armenia's Child Protection Network is the national coalition of child protection NGOs in Armenia. It aims at supporting common initiatives for the welfare of children in our country.

CPN goal: To contribute to the consolidation of member-organizations efforts of the child protection network to the benefit and wellbeing of children.

Network strategic directions: 1. Advocacy and lobbying for the improvement of laws, procedures and practice in the field of child protection

a) Improvement of services provided to families in services (organizations): clarification of admission criteria in those services including matching and exclusion of overlaps.

b) Creation of new psycho-social support services based on the child/family needs through exclusion/avoidance of reiterations/repetitions and geographical overlaps.

c) Ensure that there is a trained and paid social worker in each community for works with children and families at risk situations (for instance: lobby for a new job place or re-training of any staff member from the Commission on Guardianship and Trusteeship, etc.)

d) Definition of main functions in alternative (family-based) care centers, thereby preventing child institutionalization and promoting the reunification of children with their biological families through strengthening its reunification.

e) Review of requirements put forth to current specialists working with children/families aimed at improving the quality of provided services.

f) Active participation of CP Network in legislative reforms as well as in development & clarification of relevant policy aimed at strengthening the Child Protection System in the country.

2. Awareness campaign (public/professional) on child rights

a) Carry out regular activities aimed at increasing awareness level on children’s rights and responsibilities of services/structures for the protection of children.

b) Launch seminars, conferences, including international conferences in the field of child protection, thus contributing to the acceptance of international experience.

3. Concentration/consolidation of local and international organizations’ potential dealing with child social protection issues Active role of CP Network as a sectorial civil society:

a) Follow and provide professional assessment/evaluation to the Child Rights Protection National Action Plan 2012-2016.

b) Follow and provide professional opinion on the reorganization process of 23 special institutions in the frame of EU Food Program taking into consideration child’s basic needs and best interests.

c) Participate in monitoring of institutions.

4. Consolidation/application of network member organizations’ potential in support of children/families in so-called “non-standard situations” Through:

a) Mobilization of resources/forces

b) Fundraising

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