Armenian association of Social Workers

Projects and initiatives
Promoting Social Inclusion and Self-Reliant Livelihood Activities in Armenia


AASW in cooperation with the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs of RA and the World Bank is developing the “Promoting Social Inclusion and Self-Reliant Livelihood Activities in Armenia”  Project which will be financed by the Japan Social Development Fund (JSDF).

The proposed Project Development Objective is to increase access to social assistance benefits and services, and provide self-employment support for about 11,000 extremely vulnerable individuals in selected regions in Armenia. The PDO will be achieved by strengthening the role of existing community and state (territorial) social workers as connectors between the families and available social assistance benefits and services and by providing entrepreneurship support to the FBP beneficiaries as a pathway to graduate out of the program. 200 state and community social workers (a separate group of project direct beneficiaries) will be provided with methodological support and capacity building to effectively implement the social case management in the project target regions. 

The project is expected to reach about 11,200 beneficiaries in five marzes of Armenia: Armavir, Ararat, Shirak, Lori, and Kotayk. The project beneficiaries are  members of selected FBP recipient households in the five project marzes (project target householdes) who will receive: (i) self-employment support or (ii) access to other social assistance benefits or services according to their needs as assessed by social case managers.

This second component will pilot the program consisting of business training and advisory services and provision of small sub-grants to promote self-employment and boosting business activities, aiming at increasing incomes and therefore livelihood state for project target households. This component will consist of two main subcomponents: Capacity Building and Small Business Grants. In the Framework of Small Business Grants component at least 300 beneficiaries (out of 600 training participants) will be awarded sub-grants (small grants) for about US $4,000.

AASW will provide ongoing assurance of good environmental and social practice during the whole Project implementation, and special attention will be paid to sub-project component.

The special guide on Environmental and Social Management of Sub-Projects is developed to ensure good environmental and social practice.


Development of Community Social Worker’s Work Methodology and Questionnaire for the Assessment of Professional Knowledge

Armenian Association of Social Workers in cooperation with World Vision Armenia developed Community Social Worker’s Work Methodology and Questionnaire for the Assessment of Professional Knowledge of social workers.

The main objective of the project was to ensure an effective introduction of Community Social Work in Armenia by creating the necessary preconditions for that.

The Methodology was developed based on Current Social Reforms and the functional analysis of stakeholders roles.

The Questionnaire to assess the professional knowledge of social workers had the following parts:

  • The Basis of Community Social Work;
  • The Appliance of Social Work Methods in Community Social Work;
  • Social Work Peculiarities with people in Difficult life situations
  • Specifics of Case Management in Community Social Work
  • Community Social Work and Macro-Practice
  • Legal Basis of Community Social Work


Funded by: World Vision Armenia

Period: August-January 2017

Development of Training packages for Professional staffs of Yerevan, Kapan and Vanadzor Child and family support centers

In cooperating with World Vision Armenia Armenian Association of Social Workers developed training packages for professional staffs of Yerevan Yerevan, Kapan and Vanadzor Child and Family Support centers.

The main objective of the project was to assist to the effective functioning of Yerevan, Kapan and Vanadzor Child and Family Support Centers by developing training packages for their Professional Staff.

AASW team developed training packages including manuals, training guidelines, training agendas and etc in four specialized areas:

Social Work:

  • The Basis of Social work with children and their families
  • Application of Case Management methodology on Child and Family Support Centers
  • The frame of practical skills of Social Workers

Social Pedagogy:

  • The role of Social Pedagogues in Child and Family Support Centers
  •  The intervention techniques of Social Pedagogue when working with children in different ages
  •   The Specifics of Social Pedagogy in working with different vulnerable groups


  •  The role of Psychologists in Child and Family Support Centers
  •  The specifics of Psychological intervention when working with children from risk groups
  •  Peculiarities of Psychological communication with children

Special Pedagogy:

  •  Theoretical and methodological basis of Special Pedagogy in the frame of current social reforms in Armenia
  •  The specifics of Special Pedagogy when working with children from different vulnerable groups


Funded by: World Vision

Period: June - September 2017 

Acting Together for an Accountable Social State in Armenia

The overall project goal is to work towards establishing a better social welfare system to protect the most vulnerable population groups in Armenia. The project addresses current social reforms in Armenia on Integrated Social Services, Child Protection, People with Disabilities, and Gender Equality.

The project aims to create a more participatory, effective, and accountable governance process in response to the need for civil society organizations and citizens to participate in the recent social reforms in Armenia. The project particularly addresses the fundamental gap between state‐level reform legislation and implementation and the actual needs of beneficiaries. The project will raise awareness among and strengthen professionals working in CSOs (social workers, lawyers, psychologists, pedagogues) to participate in the reform process and become mediators between decision makers and citizens. It will also strengthen citizen participation in reform activities, thus ensuring greater accountability and transparency for social reform implementation. 

In the long run, the project aims to be able to contribute to the social and economic well-being of the most vulnerable population groups in Armenia.


Project Funded by:  The United Nations Democracy Fund

Period: 2017 Febr 1 -2019 January 31 

Professional and Educational Needs of Social Service Professionals in Armenia

By cooperating with Swiss Association of Social Workers Armenian Association of Social Workers conducted a research on professional and educational needs of social service professionals in Armenian. The overall goal of the project was to contribute to the improvements in social services on governmental level by using research results.

The project had two main objectives. The first one was to collect and analyze quantitative and qualitative data on the professional and educational needs of the social service providers and the other was to develop recommendations and policy papers for improvements in social services.

During the project has been conducted an accurate study of the educational, professional, legal and administrative needs of social workers which allowed us to monitor the main demographical, professional and educational features of an average social worker of both on the governmental and nongovernmental level.

This study results will be used to effectively lobby the government for better working conditions and for increased professional support for social service providers and for new workforce entering the system. 

Funded by: Swiss Association of Social Workers

Period: 2016 Nov -2017 April


Social Workers in Collaboration for Social Change

The overall goal of the project is to contribute to the social wellbeing of vulnerable population groups in the Eastern Neighborhood countries (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia & Moldova) by developing and strengthening the concept of and access to social work in the region through active Social Workers' Associations.

The project contributes to the strengthening the organizational and networking capacities of CSO support organizations, namely Social Workers’ Associations, who will in turn empower local CSOs in rural and remote areas through training/consulting and joint practical “learning by doing” project activities via re-granting. Complemented with multi-stakeholder dialogues on a national and regional level, a comprehensive contribution will be made to the development and expansion of social work in order to promote social change, problem solving in human relationships and to enhance the wellbeing of the population in Eastern Neighborhood countries.


Project Funded by: EU; Hilfswerk Austria International; Austrian Development Cooperation

Period: 2015-2018

Formulation and Protection of the Social Work Profession in Armenia

This overall goal of the project is to protect and strengthen the profession of social work in Armenia through reinforcement of the social work professional community and the introduction of legal standards within the field.

The project seeks to foster the professionalization and networking of Social Workers' Associations in the Eastern Neighborhood countries with the aim of increasing their competency and leverage as advocacy, watchdog and monitoring players for social issues of public concern.


Project Funded by: UNICEF-Armenia

Period: August- December, 2015

Youth Empowering Camps on “Participation and Inclusion”

Under this particular program, AASW prepared individuals to develop the civil institutions of free societies through encouraging a liberty-minded generation of Armenians, which will have a sustainable impact on the development of democratic values in the society as a whole. Establishment of partnership and networking among youth with various backgrounds, and raising awareness of our youth on human rights, gender and public health.  


Project Funded by: FICE-Switzerland

Period: 2013

Development of Joint Package of Social Services and Structural-Functional Model for Provision of Complex (Integrated) Social Services, in the Field of Social Protection of Republic of Armenia’s Population consultant services

In cooperation with the state agencies, AASW promoted transparency, accountability and responsive good governance and assisted the social reforms in public sector through provision of expertise services (consultative service) on establishing integrated social services (ISS) in Armenia.

Project Funded by: World Bank, Ministry of Labor and Social Issues

Period: 2010-2013

Rapid Assessment of Child Care Institutions

Situation analysis has been conducted for overall 47 childcare institutions including orphanages, night care centers, special schools, assessment centers and temporary shelters.

Project Funded by: UNICEF-Armenia

Period: 2010

Study on Child Trafficking Phenomenon in Armenia

An “ecological model” had been applied to show the interaction of the factors pertaining to different levels in the child trafficking context: macro-level (legislation, procedure), middle level (institutional) and micro-level (interpersonal relations, individual level).

Project Funded by:  People In Need

Period: 2009-2010

“Establishment of Rehabilitation center for people with disabilities”

The Association took a leadership to provide technical legal and methodical assistance to the MoLSI to design daycare rehabilitation Centers for people with disabilities in Gyumri marz as a social technological model with all relevant components including structural-functional, vocational training model, case management, public awareness and advocacy, capacity development and networking.

Project Funded by: World Bank, Ministry of Labor and Social

Period: 2008-2010

Support to Foster Care Program in Armenia

Within the current project, AASW developed training modules for specialists dealing with foster families and foster parent including selection criteria for potential foster parents. AASW provided technical support and training to local partners in the on-going development of foster care as an alternative to institutional care for children. Additionally, AASW advised on strategic service development, delivery of hands-on management, and practitioner training for establishing and implementing community-based social services for children and families.

Project Funded by: Every Child-UK

Period: 2007-2009

Study on Child Labor in Armenia

The project performed an analysis of child labor in Armenia in order to better protect children who work as laborers.  During the project, AASW researched the scale of child labor and the circumstances under which children work. The data from this research was gathered and published in a report and recommendations were made about how to improve child labor policy

Project Funded by: UNICEF-Armenia

Period: 2007

Leave No Child Out

The project contributed to the implementation of child rights in Armenia through strengthening advocacy networks and child rights trainers’ cadre. The main objective was to strengthen the ability of civil society to advocate for children’s rights and to promote rights-based development, child focused policy, laws, and programs.


Project Funded by: UNICEF-Armenia

Period: 2006