Armenian association of Social Workers


The Armenian Association of Social Workers priorities are human rights issues and the needs of under-served population’s. AASW’s chief role is to act as a watchdog regarding social policies that affect social workers and the clients whom they serve. This includes a focus on increasing public awareness on the important role played by the profession of social work, sharing information on the current availability of services as well as the need for further services options.

How does AASW operate?

AASW is a voluntary professional body (i.e. the only paid positions are the Office Manager and Treasurer); its work is achieved through the members of the Association and grants from donor society.  

The Armenian Association of Social Workers actively supports social structures and policies promoting social justice and acts as a watchdog through participation in social reforms at the national and local levels, analyzing challenges and gaps in social policy reforms.  On a yearly basis, the Association analyzes procedural and legislation gaps eclipsing beneficiaries’ rights.  Based on these analyses, relevant recommendations on innovative social technologies are developed and submitted to State parties to conceptualize credible, long-term policies of social protection. This includes improvement of the quality of policy, by supporting the government to tap wider sources of information, perspectives and potential solutions in order to meet the challenges of policy-making in an emerging information society.

AASW has been actively involved in the development and implementation of quality improvements increasing access to social services and policy development options. It has provided consultancy for the establishment of a rehabilitation center for people with disabilities in Gyumri, and technical assistance to the Ministry of Labor and Social Issues in modelling daycare centers for children in difficult circumstances. AASW has been instrumental also in designing and modeling of integrated social services in the country.

Since its establishment, AASW has greatly contributed to the establishment of CSOs networks with strong evidence-based advocacy created collaboration with universities, independent experts, and researchers. In particular, AASW formed a coalition of NGOs, to build advocacy skills in promoting child-friendly legislations, and initiated the establishment of Child Protection Network (CPN).