Armenian association of Social Workers

Goals and Objectives

The goals and objectives of AASW reflect the main principles and general mission ratified by the organization.

The main goals of the association are the development of social work education and practice in Armenia, protection of the rights and interests of social workers and their beneficiaries, promotion of social policy and social protection reforms in the Republic of Armenia, as well as the professionalization of existing social services.

The main tasks of the association are the following:

  • Legislative improvements in the fields of social work and social services;
  • Promotion of professional and ethical standards and principles in the social work practice;
  • Development of new models of social services based on the latest technological and scientific developments,
  • Protection of the interests and rights of social service providers and service beneficiaries,
  • Continuous capacity development of social workers,
  • Analysis of existing social issues, development of recommendations toward their solution,
  • Raising public awareness on social protection reforms and social issues,
  • Development and dissemination of professional literature in Armenian.