Armenian association of Social Workers


As a professional representative body of social workers, which unities the scientific and practical potential in the social field, Armenian Association of Social Workers considers its main priority promoting the development of professional social services in Armenia. Within the framework of its activities, the organization always supports the professional principles and universal values of human rights.

Our mission is to promote the development of the social work profession and to protect the rights and interests of social workers through the promotion of ethically acceptable and professional social work practice in state and non-state services; protection of rights of social work beneficiaries and advocacy towards social justice and welfare policies.

Our vision is to to have a system of social protection, where the principles of social justice are fundamental, and all the citizens have accessibility to quality social services and professional social workers play a crucial role in creating a welfare state.

Our fundamental principles include legitimacy and non-discrimination, social justice, respect for human beings, integrity, accountability, voluntary membership and the common good of the members' interests, as well as self-government.