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Together we can reach and protect more children
2017 June 27
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This year Child Helpline International celebrates the 10th anniversary of the European directive reserving the number 116111 to child helplines in Europe.

The number 116111 is specifically for children who seek assistance and need someone to talk to. The service helps children in need of care and protection and links them to the appropriate services and resources; it provides children with an opportunity to express their concerns and talk about issues directly affecting them.

Child helplines throughout Europe share the same mission – to hear all the voices at the other end of the phone and ease their worries.

On the 10th anniversary of the Child Support Hotline was launched a new video called “One Voice, One Number”. This shows the positive impact that child helplines have on children's lives by actively listening to them, providing unbiased support and empowering them to fulfill their own potential, every day, everywhere.