Armenian association of Social Workers

AASW Board Meeting
2016 May 08


YEREVAN -  On May 6 AASW board meeting was held. The main goal of the meeting was to discuss the further activities of association on the investment of ''Law on Social Work'', ''Social Work Collegium'', on the possibilities of investment a system of accreditation of social workers.    

The president of AASW- Mira Antonyan presented the agenda of the meeting, ongoing issues and all the preparation works done for the provision of solutions of these particular problems.

 The member of the work group of  ''Law on Social Work''  project of the law - Armine Andranikyan presented the fulfilled activites realized by the group members.The following issue was put at the top of the meeting's agenda: How to ensure the transition of social work professionals from educational process to practical placement. 

 At the end of the meeting, it was decided to consult with lawyers about the possibilities of formation of ''Social Worker Collegium'', to study  the experience of “Chamber of Advocates”, as well as to continue discussions regarding the status of social workers and their accreditation criterias.