Armenian association of Social Workers

Acting Together for an Accountable Social State in Armenia
2017 February 06

We are pleased to announce that “Harmonic Society” Armenian Association of Social Workers has launched the new project “Acting Together for an Accountable Social State in Armenia", funded by The United Nations Democracy Fund. Project activity starts now and will continue until January 2019. 


The overall project goal is to work towards establishing a better social welfare system to protect the most vulnerable population groups in Armenia. The project addresses current social reforms in Armenia on Integrated Social Services, Child Protection, People with Disabilities, and Gender Equality. While the government has been leading the reforms, there is a limited understanding among state employees of how the reforms will affect their jobs, and among citizens in how these reforms will affect the services they depend on. Our project will take action toward a more participatory, effective, and accountable governance process for civil society organizations (CSOs) and citizens to participate in, comment on, and monitor the progress of these reforms.


We expect to raise public awareness about these reforms and to encourage CSOs to become mediators between decision makers and citizens. Our hope is that CSOs will fully understand new social policies and will be better able to fulfill their mandates through more effective processes. We also intend to encourage government officials and citizens to meet regularly to discuss best practices for social reform, as we believe citizen participation in reform activities will ensure greater accountability and transparency in the social reform process. 


Please visit our Facebook page to receive ongoing updates and to contribute to the development of a stronger social welfare system in Armenia through this important project!