Armenian association of Social Workers

Anahit Sahakyan
2016 March 19

   Anahit Sahakyan is a Docent at YSU’s Faculty of Sociology, Department of Social Work and Social Technologies, with a Ph.D. in Psychology. Ms. Sahakyan is a deputy dean of YSU’s Faculty of Sociology. Ms. Sahakyan has been working at YSU since 1992 and has an extensive background in sociological and psychological pedagogy.

She is involved in many other projects as a trainer and expert. In particular, Ms. Sahakyan is a trainer of social work specialists for the National Institute of Labor and Social Research, and a trainer of civil servants within YSU’s postgraduate specialized education department.

Ms. Sahakyan is also a coordinator for the “Consulting Center for Pregnant Women”. As an expert, she has cooperated with World Vision Armenia within the project entitled “Preventing abuse against children in Armenia”. Ms. Sahakyan is also a consultant with several NGOs.

She is a project coordinator at “Armenian Democratic Forum” (ADF) NGO, which was founded in the year 2000 and continues to implement various meaningful works. Among those are sociological studies including RA poverty analysis, issues of people with disabilities, inclusive education research and more.

In 2003, with an order from the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, ADF implemented the project, “State support to graduates of RA childcare institutions”. From 2002 until today, ADF implements the Armenian General Benevolent Union (AGBU) funded project, “Support for Pregnant Women” in Vanadzor, Talin, Yeghvard and Yerevan. Throughout ADF’s existence, the NGO has implemented trainings for staff of childcare institutions and for specialists in the social sphere of RA.

Ms. Sahakyan is an Executive Board Member of AASW.