Armenian association of Social Workers

Armine Andranikyan
2016 March 16

   Armine Andranikyan studied at the Faculty of Applied Mathematics of Yerevan State University (YSU) from 1980-1985 and received the qualification of mathematician. During her study in 1982-84 she also graduated from the Faculty of Humanitarian Professions with a specialization in social psychology.

From 1985-88 she studied at National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Armenia. In 1993 she defended and earned her PhD in physical and mathematical sciences from Council of Science of the National Academy of Sciences of RA (Institution of Problematics in Informatics and Automatics of National Academy of Sciences).

She is an author of many scientific articles and the co-author of scientific collections. Since 1989 she has worked as an engineer in the National Academy of Sciences and in Institution of Problematics in Informatics and Automatics of YSU. Since 1996 she has worked in the Nor-Nork district territorial department of social support in Yerevan as the department head’s Deputy. From 2005-2015 she was a lecturer in Social Work classes of the Distance Learning Laboratory of YSU on “Human Rights and Social Work”.

As a trainer, Andranikyan has been engaged in a range of programmes including “Social servant—2003” training project as a lecturer, and in the framework of that project was a member of the editorial committee that published the “Social case collection”. In 2008 she was involved in the training project “Social Security System and Services Provided to the Population” implemented by the National Institute of Labour and Social Research and in 2011 was involved in the training project “The role of social support systems in overcoming poverty”. In 2013-2014 she was involved in the project directed at community servants “Improving the social protection system in Armenia by addressing problems”, and in 2015-2016 she was involved in a training project for professionals in the social sphere carried out by the National Institute of Labour and Social Research.

Andranikyan has participated in seminars, conferences and symposiums, where she has presented reports on the model of cooperation with the police in cases of domestic violence, and capacity building projects. During her practice she has taken steps to reveal general systematic problems, made suggestions and taken part in programmes aimed at developing the social security system.

Andranikyan is a Board member of the Armenian Association of Social Workers.