Armenian association of Social Workers

Artak Khachatryan
2016 April 11

   Artak Khachatryan graduated from Yerevan State University (YSU) Faculty of Philosophy in 1979. Since 1980 he has taught at YSU and is a candidate of Philosophical Sciences and docent. In 1991-1992  Khachatryan underwent a 6-month training at the London School of Economics in the Faculties of Social Work and Administration. At the same time, he was training social workers to become specialists in their field.

Since 1993,  Khachatryan has actively participated in reforms of the sphere of Social Security in RA by implementing trainings for social workers and preparing educational and supplementary materials. As an expert he has participated in various projects conducted by international and local organizations whose goal was the development of RA social services. Through such work  Khachatryan has played a large role in the advancement of the social work element of RA criminal justice and child protections syste

By participating in four Tempus projects from 1996 to 2013,  A. Khachatryan has contributed to social work education in RA. During that time, educational standards for the profession of social work were created and introduced, projects were completed by all Bachelor’s and Master's students and a Distance Learning system for social work was established.

Since 2005  A.Khachatryan has been the Chair of Social Work and Social Technologies at YSU. He is the author of about 50 published works and is a Board Member of the Armenian Association of Social Workers.