Armenian association of Social Workers

2017 August 22

How do children in Armenia participate in the decision-making process about their future? What are the main gaps in child protection field and how to find their solutions?

To answer these questions, the Armenian Association of Social Workers organized a Youth camp for current and former beneficiaries of child care institutions in Armenia. The camp took place in Yenokavan village of Tavush province in July, 2017.

Activities performed at the camp gave children the opportunity to express their own views on child protection issues and suggest possible solutions.

The camp also hosted participants from Norwegian “Stiftelsen Hiimsmoenkollektivet” organization, who shared their own experience on specific cases.

The child participation principle served as a basis for the whole concept of the camp. This idea is expressed through the creation of appropriate conditions and opportunities for children to be heard, to freely express themselves, to be protected from all forms of violence and discrimination. This is one of the fundamental principles of the Association, and it stems from the best interests of the child.

Consolidated results and complete analysis will be shared at a public hearing to be held in Fall of 2017.

[The Youth camp was conducted by the Armenian Association of Social Workers through the support of UN Democracy Fund (UNDEF) in July 10-14, 2017 in the frame of “Acting together for an Accountable Social State in Armenia” project].