Armenian association of Social Workers

2016 March 30

EAP and the Workplace of the Future
Bucharest, Romania
16th and 17th June 2016


On the occasion of our 15th EAEF conference, we are prompted to look to the future and ask ourselves:  What will the workplace look like 15 years from now? How can we as EAP providers prepare for what lies ahead?

In response to feedback from participants we are breaking away from our usual format and have put together a dynamic and highly interactive conference, built around three keynote brainstorm sessions. To help find answers to our questions about the future we have invited representatives of the three main customer stakeholders (CEO, HR, EHS) to present their vision on the future of work. These keynotes will include active dialogue and brainstorming with all participants.  Providing an opportunity to discuss the impact of projected developments on employee mental health & wellbeing, EAP services  and  the role of EAP in the workplace of the future.  

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