Armenian association of Social Workers

EU supports professionalization of social workers in Eastern Partnership countries
2018 May 04

The European Union and the Austrian Development Agency support the project "Social Workers in Collaboration for Social Change". It is implemented by the Austrian organization "Hilfswerk International" in cooperation with the Georgian Association of Social Workers (GASW), the Armenian Association of Social Workers (AASW), the Azerbaijan Social Work Public Union (ASWPU) and the Nursing Association of the Republic of Moldova (NARM) in the time period August 2015 until May 2018.

The main aim of the project has been to contribute to the social well-being of vulnerable groups, to greater social justice and social change by developing and strengthening the concept of and access to social work in the four project countries.

On 28th of March, 2018 was held the closing conference of the Project, where were presented the main results achieved over the course of the project․ 

Please see attached the Post-Press Release for Conference.

More information can be found here.