Armenian association of Social Workers

JOB - Consultant to develop Child Safeguarding Policy
2016 June 29

    Starting from 2009 Armenian Caritas (AC) is directly involved in child protection work in Armenia and at the moment operates 4 Little Prince day care centers for children with difficult life circumstances and Emili Aregak center for children and youth with multiply disabilities. Starting from June 2016 AC has been implementing “Child Safeguarding Policy” project which overall objective is “To ensure the safety of children within all children projects of AC through elaboration and application of the Child Safeguarding Policy and procedures”. Project purpose is “The increased level of safety of children and prevention of abuse within Armenian Caritas projects.” It is clear that no policy can offer complete protection for children, but following standards and procedures fixed in CSP paper, we aim to minimize the risk of children’s abuse and exploitation. By implementing these standards, for all representatives of AC will be clear how they are expected to behave with children and what to do if there are concerns about the safety of a child. By implementing these standards organizations make clear their commitment to keeping children safe. The standards will help them to move towards best practices in this area and deter potential abusers from joining the organization.

To address this situation AC is currently looking for a experienced consultant to develop a Child Safeguarding Policy of AC. 

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