Armenian association of Social Workers

Syuzanna Juharyan
2016 April 09

   Suzanna Juharyan studied Sociology, Psychology and Philosophy in the Sociology Department of Yerevan State University (YSU) from 1992-1997, and received her diploma as a sociology specialist.

Ms. Juharyan aimed to receive a graduate education in social work, which at that time was not possible in Armenia. Thus, from 1999 to 2000 she continued her education in a Russian-British University in Moscow. From there, she graduated with a Master’s Degree in Social Sciences from Manchester University and a diploma in Social Work and Social Work Training from the Moscow School for Social and Economic Sciences.

Ms. Juharyan’s first professional experience during her student years was as a social researcher, participating in various projects as a telephone consultant at “Trust” call center. At the same time, she was a researcher for various RA socio-economic and socio-political studies.

In 2000, having earned her Master’s degree, she returned to Armenia and began working as a lecturer at YSU Chair of Social Work and Social Technologies. Ms. Juharyan’s topical scientific interests include the history of social work development, theory of social work, social work in healthcare and health systems, the roles and functions of social workers in society, application of case management practices and development of integrated social services.

Throughout her teaching career she has been the author of many professional references, has created her own subjects of study and has published associated lecture manuals. Among her published materials are the topics of valeological behavior and HIV infection, social case studies, international social work and more.

 Juharyan has participated in the creation of projects dedicated to socio-political reforms, in particular within the social security sphere. She has also participated in trainings of specialists in the role of researcher, consultant and trainer.

One of Ms. Juharyan’s most significant projects was “Social Worker—2013; Training Project”, in which as an expert, she carried out the 1-year training project for state social agency workers in RA. In 2011-2012 she was a member of the team of experts for the project, “Creation of a united package of social services for RA social security sphere and carrying out a structural-functional model within the integrated social services system”. In 2014 she was the Executive Director and leader of the specialist team at “Nakashian Children's Home” Social Support Center, where she organized and led psychosocial, educational and nurturing projects.

Now, she is the Vice President of the Armenian Association of Social Workers.