Armenian association of Social Workers

Knarik Garanfilyan
2016 March 17

    Knarik Garanfilyan graduated from Yerevan Polytechnic University’s Faculty of Energy in 1979 and received an engineer’s qualification. She worked for Project Yerevan as a designer and later requalified as a social worker by completing YSU’s Social Work distance learning program. K. Garanfilyan also has qualifications and working experience in teaching History of the Armenian Apostolic Church and Christianity.

Since 1990 she has worked at various NGOs as a social worker and later as Project Manager. In 2002 she founded Metsamor Community Center with the sponsorship of the Armenian Apostolic Church. Later she founded “Family and Community” NGO, of which she is the president. K. Garanfilyan has carried out and managed various projects funded by the Tufenkian Charitable Foundation, FH International, AMKOR Armenia, The World Council of Churches Armenia Round Table Foundation (ART) and more.

“Family and Community” NGO implements activities to strengthen families, organizes daycare for children in difficult life situations, works with children in conflict with the law, supports children with behavioral problems and implements projects for community development. Annually the organization serves more than 150 children and 130 families. The NGO has had exceptional success in its activities relating to children in conflict with the law and those with behavioral problems. The organization’s working model enriches the field of social services in RA and has its unique role among national services.

“Family and Community” NGO is also famous for its child and youth puppet theatre, which has been active since 2003 and has given many charitable performances across Armenia, with special attention to border villages and child protection institutions. Since 2005 the theatre group has participated in the RA Ministry of Culture’s annual Pan-Armenian Festival and has won various awards and certificates.

K. Garanfilyan received a certificate from the regional governor of Armavir marz for “Contribution to RA Armavir marz socio-economic development”. She is the President of the Metsamor Committee on Guardianship and Trusteeship. She is actively involved in national legislative reforms and in creation of strategic plans and concepts.

Garanfilyan is a Board member of the Armenian Child Protection Network and a Board member of the Armenian Association of Social Workers.