Armenian association of Social Workers

Marine Yarmaloyan
2016 March 14

  Marine Yarmaloyan is a lecturer at YSU Department of Social Work and Social Technologies, where she has been working since 2007. She has a Master’s degree in Social Work. From 2007-2008 she worked at the Armenian Foundation for Mental Health’s Daycare Center as a social worker. Currently, M. Yarmaloyan is a candidate for YSU’s Department of Social Work and Social Technologies. She is also responsible for online courses with USA’s Connecticut University School of Social Work. Her professional interests include mental health, social rights, social policy and social protection, as well as research on women’s unpaid work. She has authored several scientific articles on formation of foster care insitutions in the USA and Great Britain, adoption, the characteristics of organizing and implementing distance learning programs, issues of women’s unpaid work, the definition of “social protection of the population”, and more. She has participated in various local and international conferences and trainings. M. Yarmaloyan has conducted several programs as a trainer and an expert.

In June 2011 she was a temporary expert for the “Creation of a united package of social services for RA social security sphere and carrying out a structural-functional model within the integrated social services system” project. In February-March 2016 she was involved in the “Strengthening the Capacity of Case Managers” project as an expert consultant.

M. Yarmaloyan is an Executive Board Member of AASW.