Armenian association of Social Workers

Open Letter to Medical Workers in Armenia
2020 April 01

Dear doctors, nurses and personnel working in the health system,

Accept our deep gratitude and respect for the heroic and humanitarian work you have done during these days. Your role in building a healthy society is invaluable, and these difficult days have come to redefine and value the contribution you make to each of our lives. 

During these times as frontline workers, you are more than anyone else aware of the situations of people living in our country.
And we as child protection specialists and organizations, being concerned about the situation of children who are victims of abuse and violence these days, are deprived, malnourished, need urgent professional support and a safe environment, invite you to collaborate.

If you have any concerns about children, please contact us by calling 060 54 01 50 or 0800 61 111 (free child protection hotline).

We are committed to following your every call.

With the best regards,

Child protection initiative group


P.S. AASW is a member of the initiative group.