Armenian association of Social Workers

Paris Summer School of Social Work 2018
2017 November 18

What is this ?

Paris Summer School of Social Work is a 4-week international program: 3 weeks of study period and 1 bonus week of cultural activities. It provides an unique opportunity to discover Social Work Intervention in Frnace, and have a good time too!

What does our program offer ?

  • Over 100 hours of blended learning delivered in English: lectures, agency visits & 3 days of professional field placement
  • Cultural week-ends, outings and surprises
  • One whole bonus week FREE of charge to visit Paris at your own pace (housing and transport pass included at no extra charge)
  • Networking with other International Social Workers!

Who is it for ?

  • Undergraduates, graduates, PhD, Post-doc
  • Faculty Members
  • Professional Social Workers

Who is organizing ?

Ecole Practique de Service Social, which is one of the oldest Schools of Social Work in France (founded in 1913). The School is also a member of Erasmus + and Generation Study Abroad Pograms.

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