Armenian association of Social Workers

Professional and Educational Needs of Social Service Professionals in Armenia
2017 January 27

By cooperating with Swiss Association of Social Workers Armenian Association of Social Workers conducted a research on professional and educational needs of social service professionals in Armenian. The overall goal of the project was to contribute to the improvements in social services on governmental level by using research results.

The project had two main objectives. The first one was to collect and analyze quantitative and qualitative data on the professional and educational needs of the social service providers and the other was to develop recommendations and policy papers for improvements in social services.

During the project has been conducted an accurate study of the educational, professional, legal and administrative needs of social workers which allowed us to monitor the main demographical, professional and educational features of an average social worker of both on the governmental and nongovernmental level.

This study results will be used to effectively lobby the government for better working conditions and for increased professional support for social service providers and for new workforce entering the system. 

Funded by: Swiss Association of Social Workers

Period: 2016 Nov -2017 April