Armenian association of Social Workers

Promoting Social Inclusion and Self-Reliant Livelihood Activities in Armenia
2020 February 27


AASW in cooperation with the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs of RA and the World Bank is developing the “Promoting Social Inclusion and Self-Reliant Livelihood Activities in Armenia”  Project which will be financed by the Japan Social Development Fund (JSDF).

The proposed Project Development Objective is to increase access to social assistance benefits and services, and provide self-employment support for about 11,000 extremely vulnerable individuals in selected regions in Armenia. The PDO will be achieved by strengthening the role of existing community and state (territorial) social workers as connectors between the families and available social assistance benefits and services and by providing entrepreneurship support to the FBP beneficiaries as a pathway to graduate out of the program. 200 state and community social workers (a separate group of project direct beneficiaries) will be provided with methodological support and capacity building to effectively implement the social case management in the project target regions. 

The project is expected to reach about 11,200 beneficiaries in five marzes of Armenia: Armavir, Ararat, Shirak, Lori, and Kotayk. The project beneficiaries are  members of selected FBP recipient households in the five project marzes (project target householdes) who will receive: (i) self-employment support or (ii) access to other social assistance benefits or services according to their needs as assessed by social case managers.

This second component will pilot the program consisting of business training and advisory services and provision of small sub-grants to promote self-employment and boosting business activities, aiming at increasing incomes and therefore livelihood state for project target households. This component will consist of two main subcomponents: Capacity Building and Small Business Grants. In the Framework of Small Business Grants component at least 300 beneficiaries (out of 600 training participants) will be awarded sub-grants (small grants) for about US $4,000.

AASW will provide ongoing assurance of good environmental and social practice during the whole Project implementation, and special attention will be paid to sub-project component.

The special guide on Environmental and Social Management of Sub-Projects is developed to ensure good environmental and social practice.