Armenian association of Social Workers

Statement on the Military Aggression against the population of Artsakh
2020 September 28
The Armenian Association of Social Workers strongly condemns Azerbaijan's launched missile attacks along the entire line of contact with the Republic of Artsakh. This has caused casualties amongst the peaceful civilian population, including women, elderly, children and expectant mothers.
We express our intolerance of these violations against human rights and international humanitarian law which is unleashing a humanitarian catastrophe for the whole entire region. We call upon the international community of social workers to strongly condemn the aggression displayed by Azerbaijan and to make efforts for the quick and urgent stabilization of the current situation.
At the same time, as a professional community of social workers in Armenia, we express our support to the affected civilian population and families of killed or wounded service men and women and convey our willingness to mobilize our professional efforts and resources to provide them with the necessary professional support.