Armenian association of Social Workers

Study Visit in Georgia
2016 November 01

A five-day study tour visit was conducted in Tbilisi, Georgia from the 24th to the 29th of October with the support of Austrian organization, Hilfswerk Austria International and organized by the Georgian Association of Social Workers (GASW) within “Shaping sustainable social change in Eastern Neighbourhood Countries by strengthening Social Workers and their Associations” program.  The study tour involved representatives from partner associations in Georgia, Moldova and Azerbaijan. Topics of focus encompassed Social Work Professionalization and Family Preservation. There were also field visits to services aimed at contributing to family preservation organized, roundtables with key stakeholders on the achievements and challenges of Georgian Deinstitutionalization Reform, and discussions of future steps held.

The goal of the study tour was in line with the goal of a current AASW project: Social Workers in Collaboration for Social Change, whose objective is to strengthen the organizational and networking capacities of CSO support organizations, namely Social Workers’ Associations.  This exchange of experiences will in turn empower local CSOs in rural and remote areas through training/consulting and joint practical “learning by doing” project activities via re-granting. This will help contribute to the social wellbeing of vulnerable population groups in the four Eastern Neighborhood countries including Armenia.