Armenian association of Social Workers

The "Anti-trafficking fight in the student's competition" program
2018 December 19


The knowledge-raising program of the Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs of the Republic of Armenia on the theme "Combating Trafficking in the Student Competition" was launched to raise the awareness of young people about the vulnerability and the awareness of the dangers of human trafficking. Experts of the Armenian Social Workers Association always keep in touch with young people and continue to share their experience and knowledge with them.

Mira Antonyan, Chairwoman of the Armenian Association of Social Workers' Association, and Board-member of the Armenian Social Workers Association Nune Geghamyan delivered a lecture and expert consultation on the topic had speeches about trafficking, victims of trafficking, people exploitation, causes, objectives, and sequencing of actions. Special attention was paid to the themes about misconceptions of trafficking and youth as a risk group for trafficking. During the interactive lectures youth also watched films and had discussions.

At the end of the preparatory stage, the participants were presented as and help telephone numbers as an additional information platform.