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UNESCO Inclusive Policy Lab – From SDG Commitments to Inclusive Policies in Practice
2017 August 14

UNESCO is announcing the launch of its Inclusive Policy Lab for all social work researchers and practitioners working on inclusive social development. The Inclusive Policy Lab recently enjoyed a successful partnership with the European Association of School of Social Work through attending and presenting at its biennial conference in Paris this June. UNESCO wishes to extend the learnings from this conference also to the members of Armenian Association of Social Workers and invites all of you to register for the Inclusive Policy Lab and to check out the E-Teams linked with the conference workshops.  


How does the Inclusive Policy Lab work and how to use this online platform to become part of the movement working on inclusive policies?


The UNESCO Inclusive Policy Lab works on the emerging issues of knowledge crowdsourcing and its translation into inclusive and equity-weighted policies. The online service of the Lab is specifically designed to web-enable such processes. The aim is to support the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals’ pillar on inclusive development through informed and joined-up policy frameworks.


The Lab serves all those working on inclusive policies – i.e., policy-makers and practitioners, data and knowledge producers, and development and international actors. All can employ the online service in their own work to jointly further inclusive development and the associated policy frameworks across countries and sectors. 


Policy practitioners can directly leverage the Lab. It will serve you as a platform to connect effectively with an international and wide community of inclusive policy practitioners, to access policy-relevant data directly from those who produce and hold it, and to share yours or tap swiftly into the expertise and the policy know-how of others. The following functionalities were designed to specifically support such policy work by you and your team:


  • E-teams  are online collaborative environments that enable group work and the co-production of joint products by those working on inclusive policies. They can be used as standalone online e-teams or combined with in-person work. Users can create as many e-teams as needed and/or join existing ones. By drawing on the e-teams, you can

          - sustain group work throughout and beyond the lifespan of a project/task

          - expand the coverage of your work to parties and participants who are not physically participating  in it

          - boost effectiveness and delivery

          - make processes and results known and visible  


  • Support System  offers effective shortcuts that allow the know-how, the evidence and the advice on inclusive policies to circulate faster. The Support System serves users by

          - connecting the demand for answers some teams have with

          - the supply of solutions and advice others hold and seek to share


  • Inclusive Policy Markers   are quality- and process-related safeguards to help operationalize, design and deliver more inclusive and equity-weighted policies. On the basis of the online tool, you can

         - learn and build capacity in the area of inclusive policies

         - design a full-scale shared policy audit or review

         - conduct an informal (DIY) policy assessment and weight policy options

         - crowdsource and diffuse policy solutions you hold


Please register with the Lab via the following link: