Armenian association of Social Workers


The Application Form of Armenian Assosiation of Social Workers

1. Personal Information

2.Information from the workplace




What social worker qualifications do you have?


Association membership is open to all adult citizens, regardless of gender, age, religious, social or other affiliation. Each person, who has professional education in social work, can become a member of Association. ։

5. Membership fee

Full Member

Membership is 12.000 AMD1/year, it can be paid.

Membership fees must be paid via bank transfer to the Association's bank account. The accumulated funds are not withdrawn, they can be used only by means of non-cash transactions.

While paying membership fee you need Payment receipt and your data. together send an e-mail to the Association e-address

Associate member

Membership fees are not paid.

1 Students who want to become a full member of the Association, pay 50% of the membership fee by presenting a student ID.

6.Membership benefits

Full Member Associate member
To participate in the association elections with the vote right
To be informed about announcements of events and activities taking place in social work sphere
To be informed about available vacancies
To participate in conferences, seminars, round tables, workshops
To get professional advice from the Association board and council
To have participation in the activities of professional groups
To have opportunity to get views, opinions, statements and new experience of social science specialists.
To get the necessary resources for the expansion of productive activities (including the required information )
To participate in social policy, legislation, social services or social work standards development processes.
To have opportunities for professional recognition.

7.General information