The Armenian Association of Social Workers is a professional structure which unites social workers and combines the existing scientific and practical potential in the field.  AASW considers its priority task to promote the formation of a welfare state in Armenia through the development of professional social services. Within the framework of its activity, the organization always strives to preserve and disseminate professional principles and universal values. 

The mission of the Association in Armenia is to protect the interests of social work professionals and social work specialists.  This is done through advocating for the development of the social work institution, promotion of ethical working conditions, professional work in non-state social services, protection of the interests of social service beneficiaries, social justice and welfare. 

The vision of the Association is to form a system of social protection in Armenia where: the principles of social justice are fundamental in social policy; professional social services are provided to citizens; and professional social workers are the main ensurers of social welfare in the country. 

The basic principles of the Association are: legality and non-discrimination; social justice and respect for people; integrity and accountability; voluntary membership and common interests of members; as well as self-government.