The Board of the Association is considered to be the collegial governing body of the Association between meeting periods. 
The Board of the Association discusses and makes decisions on all issues related to the activities of the Association, except for those issues that fall within the competence of the Assembly of the Association, the President, the Executive Board and the Supervisory Committee. 

Prepares the meetings of the Association, establishes the procedure for convening the meeting in absentia, using the means of telecommunications, or with the participation of elected representative delegates, including the quota of delegates. 

The Board also approves the Association's five-year strategy and annual activity plan as well as monitors their implementation, regularly listens to and approves the Executive Board reports on their implementation.  Additionally, it makes decisions on establishing separate subdivisions or institutions of the Association and approves their charters. 
The Chairman of the Board is elected by the Assembly. Decisions are made by a simple majority of votes by the participating members in the Board of the Association meeting.