Introduction Seminars have started in the Regions


The training program for social workers envisages introduction seminars, followed by main training workshops and provision of on-the-job trainings and coaching

The introduction one-day seminars  in the framework of the “Promoting Social Inclusion and Self-Sufficiency Measures in Armenia” Project, envisaged for the employees (social workers) of the territorial centers of the United Social Service and community social workers, kicked off in Armavir yesterday.

The social workers, who participated in the seminars, were introduced to the Project objective, and priority dimensions.  The agenda of the trainings included detailed discussion on the activation and inclusion of beneficiaries, child poverty reduction as one of the main dimensions of the project, issues of social needs, vulnerability, identification of social risks, as well as the beneficiary outreach, selection, assessment of their entrepreneurial potential, along with the issues related to the defined social and environmental risks.

Today, on August 6, the introduction seminar was organized in the town of Abovyan for the social workers of the territorial centers of the United Social Service of Abovyan and Yeghvard and corresponding community social workers.

Mira Antonyan, President of the Armenian Association of Social Workers, who was present at the inaugural introduction seminars, noted that the start is promising in the sense that participants consider beneficiaries’ activation and inclusion as actual and demanded issue. “We should note with pleasure that the participating social workers are ready to support the successful implementation of the project,” - said Mira Antonyan.

In general, the introduction seminars are designed for about 150 social workers (specialists) representing the regional centers of the United Social Service of the target regions (Ararat, Armavir, Kotayk, Lori and Shirak) and 50 community social workers. The project is implemented by the Armenian Association of Social Workers, administered by the World Bank and financed by the Government of Japan.



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